Top 5 Easy Tips for Body Fit & Health You Must Follow to Maintain Your Fitness

Fit & Health
Fit & Health

How can you keep yourself stay healthy and fit? For maintaining body fit & health, the most important requirements are a balanced diet and daily exercise. Other than this, there are some tips you must follow in order to maintain your level of fitness. In this post, I am going to share with you some useful tips to stay healthy and fit. Follow these health and fitness tips and stay healthy.

Eat a Balanced Diet

For maintaining body fit & health, the first tip is to take a balanced diet always. How fit you are it depends on 80% on your intake of food. To meet the fitness challenge, take foods rich in good carbohydrates, healthy proteins and fats needed for meeting the energy requirements of your body.

Do not focus only on 3 meals a day. Rather do add 2 snacks in your diet and it helps in regulating the rate of metabolism. A daily balanced diet contains 45% carbohydrates, 25% healthy fats and 30% proteins.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The next tip is to meet your needs of water. For staying healthy, it is the most important to keep yourself hydrated. Do you know that how much water your body needs daily? If you are an adult, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Drinking more water is essential for the removal of toxins from your body and salt. In addition, it aids your body after an exercise too.

Take Regular Exercise

The next body fit & health tip is to take regular exercise. Here the tip is to start an exercise routine and then what you need is sticking to it. Regular exercise boosts your energy levels and helps in maintaining your body fitness level.

If you are unable to follow a proper exercise plan, the simplest solution is to walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Walking daily is one of the best exercises for fit and a healthy body.

Live a Balanced Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle poorly affects your health and fitness. What do most of the people do? Here, the biggest mistake is putting your body under stresses and not taking proper rest. To live a balanced life, you not only need a balanced diet but you also need to remain free from stress. Also, be sure that you maintain a balance in work and rest ratio and you will live a healthy life.

Enjoy and Feel Relaxed

The next tip is to take part in some extra-curricular activities. Do not follow the same life routine as it makes you feel bored and you lose charm in your life. Look for the sources of enjoyment to make you feel fresh. Arrange some picnic party on a weekend and do enjoy music while exercising. These kinds of fun activities can make you feel energetic, fresh and healthy.

This is all about the top 5 tips for body fit & health. Say goodbye to health issues that take away your health and make you ill. Follow these simple tips and you will stay healthy and fit.

Carbs in Vegetables

Carbs in Vegetables
Information of about Carbs in Vegetables

In order to maintain the weight of your body, the most demanding thing is to maintain your intake of carbohydrates. Do you know that how many carbs in vegetables? Carbohydrates are essential for your health but for maintaining good mental and physical health, low-carb diet is always recommended. Here, I am going to talk about carbs in vegetables so that you could be able to manage your daily intake with this guide.

A medium intake of carbohydrates is not harmful. However, when you start taking extra carbs, this may lead to a number of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and depression etc.  Therefore, it is very important that you have a check on your daily intake of carbs.

The vegetables are listed into different groups with respect to quantity of carbs in them. For example

  • Low-carb vegetables
  • Hig-carb vegetables

In the case of the vegetables, you have many more choices. Important is to choose the right vegetables according to your body needs by keeping in view the carb count. Vegetables are always healthful and exert a number of positive effects on your health. A diet rich in vegetables also helps in the prevention of different diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and many others. The essential macronutrients that we get from vegetables are carbohydrates. There is a need to add a variety of vegetables to each serving of the day for good health.

Carbs in Root Vegetables

The use of root vegetables such as carrots, potato, and onions is common. In fact, these vegetables are a part of our daily diet and therefore, it becomes that you know that how many carbs in vegetables.

If you take 1 medium carrot, it will provide 6 grams of carbs to your body. Potatoes have more carbs and in 1 small potato, there are 29 grams of carbs. From cooked onions, you get 7 grams of carbs. 9 grams carbs are provided to our body if we take ½ cup of cooked beet. And in turnips, there are 4 grams carbs.

Carbs in Fruit Vegetables

There are also some vegetables that we consider fruits because of the existence of seeds in them. These vegetables are commonly used in cooking and from 2 raw green peppers, we get 11 grams of carbs. From 2 cucumbers of medium size, we get 8 grams carbs, 4 grams in each.


In a raw tomato of a medium size, there are 5 grams of carbs. From 1 cup of serving of eggplant, we get 9 grams carbs, and 1 cup serving of pumpkin provides us 2 grams of carbs.


Cruciferous Vegetables & Carbs

2.5 grams of carbs are in ½ cup of cauliflower. And in broccoli, there are 6 grams of carbs in a ½ cup. The same way from a ½ cup of Brussels sprouts, you get 6 grams carbs. In 1 full cup cabbage, there are 8 grams of carbs that are provided to your body.

Now, let’s see the number of carbs in cooked leafy green vegetables. One cup of kale has 7.3 grams carbs, and one cup of spinach contains 7 grams carbs. Mustard greens provide 6 grams carbs and you get 7 grams of carbs from Swiss Chard.

This is all about that how many carbs in vegetables. Have a look at what you eat to keep a check on your carbs intake and you will able to maintain a healthy and a balanced weight.

What is Extreme Fitness and its benefits for your health

extreme Fitness
What is extreme fitness and its benefits for your health

Do you want to transform the irregular shape of your body into a shape now? If you take regular exercise and still your weight is increasing and you also feel unfit, it means you need to change your workout schedule now. In such a way, what you need is to add some extreme fitness exercises to your normal workout plan. In this post, I am going to tell you about extreme fitness and its benefits for your health.

Exercising is always the main thing you need to stay active, healthy, and fit. However, there are workouts of different intensities. According to the body requirements of all of you, a workout of a different intensity may work. However, for getting into shape, extreme fitness workouts are the most effective.

Extreme Fitness & Body Weight


To shed your extra pounds, extreme fitness exercises are of great help. These high-intensity exercises help you in developing your body into a shape. As a result, your body starts losing extra fats and you are on the way of getting slim fast. These high-impact exercises tone your body and you are able to reduce a few inches of waist very fast. Here are some examples of extreme fitness exercises.


  • Dumbbell Training Workout
  • Hand Weight Exercises


Occasional Aerobics and Extreme Fitness


What kinds of exercises do you take normally? Running, cycling, walking and other these kinds of aerobic exercises are taken for improving the appearance of the body. However, extreme fitness exercises are far different than these occasional workouts. Extreme fitness encompasses such kinds of exercises that are effective in sculpting your body shape because of high intensity. In this fitness program, the exercises done apply variable resistances to different parts of the body, and this helps in fast transformation of the body.


Extreme Fitness Exercises & Benefits


  • The exercises not only improve your health, the workouts also bring regularity to your sleeping patterns and you are able to enjoy a better sleep then.
  • These exercises are not only good for our health but these also have an amazing effect on our skin and make your skin look radiant and glowing. The exercises work against the process of aging and help in maintaining a youthful look. You get a younger and a flexible body as a result.
  • For maintaining our good health, the major role is played by the immune system of our body. Extreme fitness exercises have a great impact on our natural defensive system of the body and thus, this helps in the prevention of different diseases.
  • The high-intensity exercises also have an effect on your mental health. Doing the exercises regularly helps in improving your memory.


  • For maintaining a healthy body weight, extreme fitness exercises are of great help. These not only help in weight loss but also help us in getting over-weight.


If you are taking exercises of medium intensity, this is the time to incorporate some high-impact exercises for extreme fitness in your workout schedule. Try to make your occasional workouts hard. Changing your workout routine will make you feel more fresh and energetic and also, it is beneficial for improving adherence.