Fruits & their Nutritional Value – How Many Calories in Fruit Chart

Calories in Fruit Chart

Here, I am going to talk about calories in fruit chart to help you develop a strong understanding of the number of calories in each fruit. Do you know that how many calories are in fruits? The number of calories in all fruits is not the same. The fruits have different nutritional values and depending upon these, there is a different number of calories in all delicious fruits we eat.

Fruits and Good Health

Fruits must be a part of our daily meal plans. Fruits are high in fiber and therefore, these are a good source to provide the required energy to our bodies. Eating at least 1-3 pieces of fruits daily is the easiest way to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet. Fruits are a part of every healthy regime.

So, to maintain a good health, it is recommended to eat more fruits as well as vegetables. Both fruits and vegetables are good for our health. However, if you are counting down the number of calories, it is a fact that there are more calories found in fruits.

How Many Calories in Fruit Chart

To know about the number of calories different fruits have is important for the people following a weight loss track.  Unless you know about calories in fruit chart, you are unable to control your caloric intake that is the most important thing required in weight loss plan.

It is fine if fruits you are eating on a daily basis are making about 2/3rd of your total daily intake. Fruits do not have fiber only. There are many minerals and vitamins found in fruits and these are healthful for us. Below, I have shared simple calories in fruit chart in tabular form.  Have a look at the number of calories each fruit has and thus, control your caloric intake accordingly.

Different Fruits and Number of Calories

Fruit Name Number of Calories
Apple 81
Apricot 17
Avocado 306
An average size Banana 105
½ cup of Blackberries 37
½ cup of Blackcurrants 36
½ cup of Blueberries fresh 41
½ cup of Cherries 52
½ cup of Cranberries fresh raw 23
½ cup of Currants Red fresh 31
½ cup of Dates dried/sugar 280
Date 1 7
Medium-sized fig 37
1/2 cup of Gooseberries 34
10 medium grapes 36
1 medium half Grapefruit 46
½ cup of Guava 42
Kiwi 46
Lemon 22
Lime 18
Mango 135
1/10th Melon Honeydew 46
Nectarine 67
1 oz of Olives green 33
1 oz of Olives black 96
Orange 65
½ cup of Papaya 27
Passion Fruit 18
Paw Paw 34
Peach 37
Pear 98
½ cup of Pineapple fresh 39
Plum 36
1 dried prune 36
½ cup of dried Raisins 110
½ cup of Raspberry 31
½ cup of Rhubarb 14
Satsuma 37
½ cup of Strawberries 23
Tangerine 37
Tomato 26
Tomato Cherry 3


This is all about the number of calories in fruit chart. Have a look at this tabular chart as the number of calories of different fruits has been mentioned on it. Keep this chart with you and regulate your caloric intake.