Common Food Calorie Facts – How Many Calories in Common Foods

Common Food Calorie
Common Food Calorie

Do you know that how many calories are in different foods you eat commonly? It is through food labels that we come to know about the number of calories in different common foods. However, what to do if food labels are not available? This is an informative post as here I am going to tell you about common food calorie facts to let you know the number of calories found in different food items.

Common Food Calories Facts


Common Foods Number of Calories
1 cup of Boiled rice 220
2 slices of Grain bread 200
2 slices of White bread 2 slices 190
2 Thin rice cakes 45
1 cup of Cornflakes 110
1 small brick of Instant noodles 320
1 cup of Plain boiled pasta 160
1 sachet of Instant porridge 140
1/3 cup of Natural untoasted muesli 120
2 slices of Bread white 180
1 cup of Skim milk 90
1 cup of Reduced fat milk 130
1 cup of Regular milk 175
200 grams of Low-fat yogurt 155
1 thin slice of Cheddar cheese 80
1 thin slice of Processed cheese 70
½ cup of Cream 420
Light sour cream 280
½ cup of English spinach raw 3
1 cup of undressed leafy salad 15
½ cup of Broccoli 15
1/2cup of carrot 25
 ½ cup of Peas 50
1 small boiled Potato 70
1 large Banana 100
1 medium Orange 55
1 medium Apple 80
1 slice of Roast lamb 85
1 Sausage 200
140 grams of Steak trimmed of fat 250
1/2cup of Beef stir-fry 230
1 small piece of Crumbed frozen fish 210
1 medium Skinless chicken thigh 150
1 small Skinless chicken drumstick 85
4 wings of Marinated chicken 370
1 tin of Tuna in brine 100
1 medium Egg 70
1 cup of Milk 175
600 ml of Flavored milk 470
600 ml of Water 0
600 ml of low joule soft drink 1
600 ml of Regular soft drink 215
1 cup of Fruit or orange juice 100
500 ml of Iced tea 130
1 packet of Instant coffee 3
1 sachet of Flavored instant coffee 70
1 tbsp of Milo powder 25
375 ml of Beer 140
375 ml of Light beer 95
375 ml of Low carb beer 110
200 ml of Sparkling bubbly wine 130
200 ml of White wine dry 130
200 ml of Red wine 90
30 ml of Spirits 1 nip 60
375 ml of Alcoholic cider 170
1 tbsp of Butter 140
1 tbsp of Peanut butter 150
1 tbsp of Vegemite 10
2 tsp of Jam or marmalade 40
1 tbsp of Margarine spread 120
1 pinch of Pepper 0
1 tbsp of Oil 165
1 tbsp of Mayonnaise 75
1 sachet of Sugar 25
2 tbsp of Honey 45
1 tsp of Intense sweetening agent 0
250 grams of Chunky tomato pasta sauce 135
1 tbsp of Tomato sauce ketchup 20


This is all about the common food calorie facts. In the table above, I have listed the number of calories in different foods used commonly. Keep this tabular chart with you for controlling your caloric intake for proper weight management.

Top 6 Foods to Eat for Bodies Health and Fitness

Bodies Health and Fitness
Bodies Health and Fitness

When it comes to the selection of foods, there is a large variety. We have fruits and different vegetables. There are smoothies, fast foods, and snacks as well. Here the most important thing is to decide that what foods to eat. For your health and food guide, here I am going to tell you about top 6 foods that are good for bodies health and fitness maintenance.

The Healthiest Foods for Good Body Health


The use of lemons is good enough for your health and body fitness. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C. This is Vitamin C that is required for increasing the good cholesterol level in our body. In addition, Vitamin C is also needed to make our bones strong. This is a citrus fruit and thus, it helps in the protection against cancerous cells. Also, the lemons are anti-inflammatory.


Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin K. For the development of our bones and to make our bones strong, there is a great use of Vitamin C. In addition, this food is rich in fiber and also has Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, protein, calcium and iron. There is sulfur is this food that is anti-inflammatory.


The next food item is an egg. Eggs are a rich source of nutrients. There is a nutrient Choline which reduces the risk of the development of cancer. Anti-oxidants in eggs protect our bodies against different diseases. In addition, for good bodies health and heart health, the use of eggs is very beneficial. Do add healthy eggs to your diet plan and stay healthy and fit.

Greek Yogurt

The use of Greek Yogurt is also very good for our health. There is calcium in yogurt that is needed for the growth of bones. In addition, this food also has immune-boosting properties and thus, yogurt in our diet protects us against bacteria. Particularly, in yogurt, there are 25% more proteins. Thus, add Greek yogurt to your daily diet for good bodies health and fitness.


This is one of the healthiest foods. Salmon has Vitamin D and essential omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have many health benefits. These fatty acids protect our bodies from heart diseases. In addition, the use of salmon also boosts our immunity and prevents the risks of arthritis. Also, to reduce the risk of obesity and cancer, the use of salmon is very healthful.


Beans are the perfect foods. There is a whole variety of nutrients in these foods. Also, beans have proteins, fiber, calcium and magnesium. For good heart health and for reducing the risks of breast and colon cancer, the use of beans is very healthful. According to the studies, it is good to add beans in your daily diet for protection against a number of diseases.


This is all about the healthiest foods to eat for good bodies health and fitness. For improving your level of fitness and to maintain your health, include these healthy foods in your daily diet and enjoy a happy and a healthy life.

Top 5 Easy Tips for Body Fit & Health You Must Follow to Maintain Your Fitness

Fit & Health
Fit & Health

How can you keep yourself stay healthy and fit? For maintaining body fit & health, the most important requirements are a balanced diet and daily exercise. Other than this, there are some tips you must follow in order to maintain your level of fitness. In this post, I am going to share with you some useful tips to stay healthy and fit. Follow these health and fitness tips and stay healthy.

Eat a Balanced Diet

For maintaining body fit & health, the first tip is to take a balanced diet always. How fit you are it depends on 80% on your intake of food. To meet the fitness challenge, take foods rich in good carbohydrates, healthy proteins and fats needed for meeting the energy requirements of your body.

Do not focus only on 3 meals a day. Rather do add 2 snacks in your diet and it helps in regulating the rate of metabolism. A daily balanced diet contains 45% carbohydrates, 25% healthy fats and 30% proteins.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The next tip is to meet your needs of water. For staying healthy, it is the most important to keep yourself hydrated. Do you know that how much water your body needs daily? If you are an adult, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Drinking more water is essential for the removal of toxins from your body and salt. In addition, it aids your body after an exercise too.

Take Regular Exercise

The next body fit & health tip is to take regular exercise. Here the tip is to start an exercise routine and then what you need is sticking to it. Regular exercise boosts your energy levels and helps in maintaining your body fitness level.

If you are unable to follow a proper exercise plan, the simplest solution is to walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Walking daily is one of the best exercises for fit and a healthy body.

Live a Balanced Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle poorly affects your health and fitness. What do most of the people do? Here, the biggest mistake is putting your body under stresses and not taking proper rest. To live a balanced life, you not only need a balanced diet but you also need to remain free from stress. Also, be sure that you maintain a balance in work and rest ratio and you will live a healthy life.

Enjoy and Feel Relaxed

The next tip is to take part in some extra-curricular activities. Do not follow the same life routine as it makes you feel bored and you lose charm in your life. Look for the sources of enjoyment to make you feel fresh. Arrange some picnic party on a weekend and do enjoy music while exercising. These kinds of fun activities can make you feel energetic, fresh and healthy.

This is all about the top 5 tips for body fit & health. Say goodbye to health issues that take away your health and make you ill. Follow these simple tips and you will stay healthy and fit.

Healthy Weight Loss Using Calories Medium

Healthy Weight Loss Using Calories Medium
Healthy Weight Loss Using Calories Medium

Fat loss or getting rid of extra weight all relates to calories out count. For losing extra fats, you need to reduce calories intake. How many fewer calories are required to get rid of extra fats? This is the question that arises in the minds of all of us when talking about reducing caloric intake. Here, I am going to talk about different calories deficits such as calories medium deficit and weight loss.

For losing accumulation of fats, what people start doing is dieting. Cutting out the number of calories one takes on a daily basis is the fundamental part of all diet plans for getting slim and smart. Different caloric deficits can also have different effects on your health. According to your weight loss goals, you may need a different caloric deficit requirement. Here is a short guide on different sizes of caloric deficits for weight loss.

How to Set Caloric Deficit for Healthy Weight Loss?

Size of Caloric Deficit and Caloric Intake

To cut down your caloric intake, you need to follow a steady path. It is not right that you bring sudden changes in daily consumption of calories. To determine the number of calories to cut down, first, you need to determine that how much fat you want to lose. For example, you want to lose 2 pounds in a week. There are 7,000 calories in 2 pounds. For this much weight loss, you will have to reduce the number of calories you take daily by 1,000 and this will help you in getting rid of two pounds in one week.

However, for different people, different sizes of deficits may work according to their body weight. Make sure that the size of the deficit is not aggressive. It should be slow or moderate. For example, if you take 2,000 calories daily then cutting down 1000 calories daily for losing 2 pounds in one week is an aggressive deficit size.  Follow a calories medium deficit for fat loss and have a healthy weight loss.

The larger size of deficit may speed up the process of fat loss, but it can also exert some negative effects on your health. Therefore, keep patience and follow calories medium approach.

Body Weight & Caloric Deficit

The number of calories to cut down is also linked to the weight of your body. From the beginning, you need to set a target to reduce caloric intake according to your body weight for example setting cutting down 12 calories per pound of your body weight.

This is a variable approach and according to different body weights, the number of calories to cut down may be different for a healthy weight loss. Your caloric intake is more related to your energy needs depending on that how much you exercise daily. Therefore, this body weight approach for fat loss is not an ideal choice.

Maintenance Caloric Intake & Caloric Deficit

For setting the number of calories to cut down daily, the best approach to follow is to limit caloric intake according to your caloric maintenance intake. For this, first, determine that how many calories you need daily for maintaining your body weight. According to your energy needs, you need to slash the number of calories you intake daily by a certain percentage.

Caloric Deficit Size & Your Health

Different sizes of caloric deficits have different effects on your body. A lower deficit will not give the results you need and an aggressive deficit size may exert negative effects. Therefore, the best approach is to follow a calories medium deficit for fat loss and you will lose your weight in a healthy way.

Benefits of Family Fitness

Benefits of Family Fitness
Benefits of Family Fitness

For your family, exercise is an important thing. Exercises maintain our health and help in staying away from different diseases such as heart diseases, and obesity. Family fitness also enables your kids to show better performance in the schools. If you want to put your kids in the way of a healthy living, you need to start a family fitness program at an early age.

Your kids do not know the value of exercise. What you can do is to arrange some fun activities to keep your kids engaged. In such kinds of fun exercises, you kids will readily participate and they will be feeling happier. Also, bring variety to these fun activities and help your kids live healthy and better. Here, I am going to share with you some family fitness exercises ideas.

Take Time to Play With Kids

The first idea is to take out some time to play with your kids. Take out daily 30 minutes at least and spend this precious time with your kids. For this time, arrange some activities to keep your kids moving. You may try it after dinner or after school time. For example, you may play hide and seek with your kids after dinner and it will be the best exercise for their bodies.

Fun Activities on Weekend

The next idea for family fitness is to arrange a fun activity on every weekend. The simplest activity idea here is to go to a park or to a playground with your kids and play different games such as running or jumping with your kids there. This is challenging but it is full of fun too.

Keep Your Kids Moving

Also, to keep your kids moving, an idea is to plan some competitive and some non-competitive exercises/activities. Try to turn off the TV and push your kids towards these activities you plan. This way, you can give your kids multiple chances for keeping their bodies moving.

Activities After Dinner

The next idea for good family fitness is to arrange some activities for your kids that make use of the power of body muscles. Kids normally rush to watch TV after having dinner. In fact, this time they need some exercise. So, the idea is to take your kids to the family ground right after dinner and enjoy 30 minutes of a walk with them. Make this walk competitive and your kids will eagerly participate in it. Instead of walking, you may also enjoy bicycling with your kids.

Activities at Family Gatherings

The next idea is to arrange some fitness activities for a family gathering. For example, if you have arranged a birthday function of your kid, make the relay races a part of this family event. Or another idea is to arrange a dance party. Or take you kids to a basketball court and enjoy playing with them.

Make Household Chores Family Chores

There are different household chores, and what you need to do for family fitness, is to make these tasks family chores. Turn on the music and start cleaning your house with your kids. This way, you will not only be cleaning the home but you and your kids will also be exercising.

This is all about the family fitness ideas. To make your kids live a healthy life, follow these simple fun ideas and enjoy a happy and a healthy life.

7 Fitness Tips

7 Fitness
7 Fitness Tips

We all want to remain healthy and fit. For healthy living, what you need is to take exercise on a regular basis. Maintaining your fitness is not easy and you have to work hard for it. Once you achieve good health and a fit body, the next step is to maintain it. In this post, I am going to share with you 7 fitness tips that are very effective for transforming your body into a shape.

Limit the Use of Elevators

The first tip is to limit the use of elevators. We have become lazier and instead of walking, we always prefer to use elevators. Taking the stairs can help you in maintaining your body shape and weight. So, just quit or limit the use of these elevators and try taking stairs always and you will have no need to join a gym.

Keep Your Body in Motion

You have to do many activities in your daily life such as different tasks at home such as cleaning. If you do the activities yourself, these also help you in staying healthy and fit, as these are good exercises in fact and keep your body in motion. So, just stop spending time sitting all the day. Take part in activities and lead a healthy life.

Exercising in Depression

For the treatment of depression, exercises are of great value. Different kinds of exercises such as biking and jogging can help you in combating low levels of depression. The exercises make you feel fresh and depression-free and you are back to your normal life fast. So, when in depression, try over time exercises and keep you away from doing any harm to you.

Exercise More and Regularly

Exercising more and regularly helps in better handling your body according to 7 fitness tips from experts. If while doing some exercises, you feel bored, it means that exercise is not working for you. Try to take such types of exercises that make you feel happy and excited. This way you will be able to exercise more and exercising more brings a good and a healthy body.

Do Walk Daily

The next fitness tip is to walk daily. Walking is one of the best exercises for maintaining your fitness. According to the doctors, every one of you must take 30 minutes of daily walk. This will keep you healthy and away from diseases. Try to walk 10,000 steps regularly and stay healthy.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

For your health, and to live, you have to eat and there is no problem. Important is to burn the carbs and for this, you need exercising. Staying hungry is not the option for losing weight. The fitness tip is to eat and provide the fuel to your body it needs by exercising.


Caffeine During Workout

Caffeine stimulates your energy levels and then you are able to exercise more. So, it is a good fitness tip to take a cup of coffee when you are exercising and this will help you in elongating your workout time.

This is the end of discussion about 7 fitness tips. For staying healthy and good, follow these easy fitness tips and do not underestimate the value of exercising on a daily basis.