Common Food Calorie Facts – How Many Calories in Common Foods

Common Food Calorie
Common Food Calorie

Do you know that how many calories are in different foods you eat commonly? It is through food labels that we come to know about the number of calories in different common foods. However, what to do if food labels are not available? This is an informative post as here I am going to tell you about common food calorie facts to let you know the number of calories found in different food items.

Common Food Calories Facts


Common Foods Number of Calories
1 cup of Boiled rice 220
2 slices of Grain bread 200
2 slices of White bread 2 slices 190
2 Thin rice cakes 45
1 cup of Cornflakes 110
1 small brick of Instant noodles 320
1 cup of Plain boiled pasta 160
1 sachet of Instant porridge 140
1/3 cup of Natural untoasted muesli 120
2 slices of Bread white 180
1 cup of Skim milk 90
1 cup of Reduced fat milk 130
1 cup of Regular milk 175
200 grams of Low-fat yogurt 155
1 thin slice of Cheddar cheese 80
1 thin slice of Processed cheese 70
½ cup of Cream 420
Light sour cream 280
½ cup of English spinach raw 3
1 cup of undressed leafy salad 15
½ cup of Broccoli 15
1/2cup of carrot 25
 ½ cup of Peas 50
1 small boiled Potato 70
1 large Banana 100
1 medium Orange 55
1 medium Apple 80
1 slice of Roast lamb 85
1 Sausage 200
140 grams of Steak trimmed of fat 250
1/2cup of Beef stir-fry 230
1 small piece of Crumbed frozen fish 210
1 medium Skinless chicken thigh 150
1 small Skinless chicken drumstick 85
4 wings of Marinated chicken 370
1 tin of Tuna in brine 100
1 medium Egg 70
1 cup of Milk 175
600 ml of Flavored milk 470
600 ml of Water 0
600 ml of low joule soft drink 1
600 ml of Regular soft drink 215
1 cup of Fruit or orange juice 100
500 ml of Iced tea 130
1 packet of Instant coffee 3
1 sachet of Flavored instant coffee 70
1 tbsp of Milo powder 25
375 ml of Beer 140
375 ml of Light beer 95
375 ml of Low carb beer 110
200 ml of Sparkling bubbly wine 130
200 ml of White wine dry 130
200 ml of Red wine 90
30 ml of Spirits 1 nip 60
375 ml of Alcoholic cider 170
1 tbsp of Butter 140
1 tbsp of Peanut butter 150
1 tbsp of Vegemite 10
2 tsp of Jam or marmalade 40
1 tbsp of Margarine spread 120
1 pinch of Pepper 0
1 tbsp of Oil 165
1 tbsp of Mayonnaise 75
1 sachet of Sugar 25
2 tbsp of Honey 45
1 tsp of Intense sweetening agent 0
250 grams of Chunky tomato pasta sauce 135
1 tbsp of Tomato sauce ketchup 20


This is all about the common food calorie facts. In the table above, I have listed the number of calories in different foods used commonly. Keep this tabular chart with you for controlling your caloric intake for proper weight management.

Top 7 Different Fruits and their Health Benefits to Know About

Top 7 Different Fruits and
Top 7 Different Fruits

Fruits are delicious and full of many benefits for our health. These are packed with many vitamins such as Vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals needed for our good health. The use of healthy fruits helps us in keeping different diseases such as obesity, bad cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases away. Here, in this post, I am going to tell you about top 7 different fruits and their health benefits.

Different Fruits and their Health Benefits


In an apple of medium size, there are about 75 calories. Apples protect us from different diseases such as asthma and diabetes. There are disease fighting factors flavonoids in healthy apples. Even the peels of apples are full of health benefits. Eat and apple daily and have a good health.


There are 114 calories in a ½ avocado. Also, an avocado is a rich source of fiber and Vitamin E. There are healthy monounsaturated fats in avocados that help our body in lowering the bad cholesterol levels. For infants, the use of avocados is very healthful and it promotes growth.


Different fruits and their health benefits are amazing. There are about 105 calories in a banana of medium size. One of the healthiest foods is a banana. A banana contains fiber, potassium, Vitamin B6 and folate. The potassium in bananas protects us against high levels of blood pressure.


In a half cup of blackberries, there are 31 calories. These are a rich source of antioxidants. The powerful antioxidants in blackberries keep the diseases away from us. The anti-oxidant anthocyanin in blackberries prevents the risks of cancer and stroke. For the protection from lung cancer cells, the use of blackberries is very effective.

Dried Figs

Dried figs are also full of nutrients and these are very healthful. From 2 dried figs, you get 42 calories. Other than this, the figs also contain potassium, iron, fiber and calcium. Because of high fiber content, the use of figs helps in preventing the risks of heart diseases. Add figs in your diet and get its full health benefits.


Just like different fruits and vegetables, grapes are also full of health benefits. From a ½ cup of grapes, you get 53 calories. Also, grapes contain fiber and manganese. There is an antioxidant called resveratrol that reduces the risks of development of different heart disease. The use of grapes also prevents high blood pressure levels and blood clots. In addition, the use of grapes also prevents the risks of different types of cancers.


The health benefits of oranges are also amazing. In one medium orange, there are 62 calories. Other nutrients the oranges have are folate, potassium and Vitamin C. The use of oranges is very good for pregnant women as folate in oranges keeps us protected from neural tube defects. The phytochemical hesperidin in oranges is effective for reducing the bad cholesterol levels.

This is all about different fruits and their health benefits. Avoid the use of fast foods and unhealthy snacks. Make healthy fruits a part of your daily meals and keep a good body health.